Learning from NatureLearning from Nature

Given the chance to grow food that virtually looks after itself – would you grab it?

Organic techniques are great for growing healthy food, but you still need masses of inputs and have heaps of jobs to do…

What’s the solution?

Letting nature give us a helping hand by increasing ecological functions in our gardens and farms

It makes sense.

We use techniques nature has developed over 3 billion years to create ecosystems that are:

  • Productive with the energy and resources they have available

  • Resilient – quickly bouncing back after extreme weather

  • Self-maintaining

All the things we would like for our gardens and farms!





How we can learn from nature
Showing how we can learn from nature

“Valuing nature not for what we can extract, harvest or domesticate, but for what we can learn is one of the most exciting revolutions of our time.” Janine Benyus

We’ll help you

Get a helping hand from nature by bringing ecological functions back into your garden and farm again.

You’ll save money, have fewer chores and grow more successfully using our Toolkit of Ecological Practices.