There’s a general consensus that to be ecological, our gardens and farms need to be messy.

It’s not true.

Potager gardens cleverly disguise their ecological functions within tidy geometric garden beds.

They are the French aristocratic answer to ‘scruffy’ English cottage gardens. All the gardens with neatly laid out beds growing food and flowers.

But they are just as ecological.

Flowers are deliberately planted to attract beneficial insects, who don’t mind flowers planted in rows!

We can also choose our plants so beneficial insects aren’t the only things to benefit from the flowers!

See how Sylvia and John Young at Old Weston Garden Farm in England profit from their tidy Potager garden with natural pest control and pick-your-own flowers.

As Sylvia explains in the video, creating beneficial connections isn’t just something to create between plants, insects, and other animals. Beneficial connections also make good business sense.

Thanks to Syliva and John Young from Old Weston Garden Farm for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
Featured image by Paris Histoire – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0