Drought-proofed farms and gardens

How to Drought-Proof your Farm

We're getting harder hit by drought. Standard solutions no longer seem enough. Earthworks like swales, contour banks, Natural Sequence Farming, and Keyline Design can help you drought-proof your farm. But
Historical photo of a fertiliser factor

How to Reduce your Fertiliser Costs

With escalating fertiliser costs and broken supply chains, farmers are looking for ways to reduce their fertiliser costs. There's a lot of talk about using legumes, organic and biological alternatives, variable

Grow Food that looks after Itself!

Wouldn't it be great to grow food that looks after itself - strong, healthy, and self-sufficient plants that produce food for us rather than insects! It's frustrating when our vegetables

Orchards can be Enchanting

Are you tired of your orchard just being a place where you work, instead of an enchanting space - like the beautiful orchards in the stories we grew up with...