Where ever we live, there are times of the year when growing food is a challenge. Too dry, cold or wet. Frost, snow or baking hot sun…

Wouldn’t be great if it was easier to grow at these times.

We can’t change our climate, but we can lessen its impacts by improving our microclimate.

Have a look at how these two women are defeating winter and growing heaps of healthy greens.

 >Get a list of plants Diana and Alison recommend here


Natural climate enhancers are best. They’re 100% recyclable, usually cheaper, better at looking after themselves, and designed for your conditions – shade trees, windbreaks, swales, living mulch...

Plus, as you find out in this video, you can design your climate enhancers to be multi-functional – achieving a whole heap more as well.


Thanks – Alison Graham from Achiltibuie Gardens, and Diana Wilding for sharing your knowledge and experiences.