Wherever we live, there are times of the year when growing food is a challenge. Too dry, cold or wet. Frost, snow or baking hot sun…

Wouldn’t be great if it was easier to grow at these times?

Have a look at how these two women are defeating winter and growing heaps of healthy greens.

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There are cheaper ways to improve your climate

But first, you need to get to know how your climate impacts your growing conditions. The easiest way to do this is with a GrowMap.

Specialist skills aren’t required. Or long days collecting information. You’ll quickly get to know your growing conditions and discover opportunities to improve your microclimate. Growing for example – shade trees, windbreaks, alleys and swales, living mulch

These climate enhancers are 100% recyclable, designed for your conditions, and cheaper than building infrastructure.


Thanks – Alison Graham from Achiltibuie Gardens, and Diana Wilding for sharing your knowledge and experiences.