Internships with Learning from Nature

Why do an Internship with Learning from Nature?

Our approach

Doing an internship at Hill Top Farm, the learning center and demonstration site for 'Learning from Nature' you'll gain the know-how to apply ecological principles to develop effective regenerative practices for gardens and farms around the world. Established regenerative practices become the source and inspiration for ideas, rather than recipes to follow.

Using this principles-based approach, the message quite simple - we need to bring back Nature's free ecological services to our gardens and farms.

These are the key ecological functions -  nutrient cycles, water cycles, solar energy capture, and beneficial connections provided by functioning agro-ecosystems. Organic matter, soil carbon, water infiltration, pollination, etc. are useful measures to track progress, but food growers need to get their agroecosystems 'tuned up and running' for these to improve!

While a small number of food growers around the world benefit from using traditional practices maintaining functioning agro-ecosystems, the majority of us are not so lucky. Substituting for the free ecological services functioning agro-ecosystems provide by cultivating soil, applying synthetic and bio-fertilisers, and pest controls has become the norm - virtually everybody does it! This interventionist approach defines current ‘conventional agriculture’, whether farmers use ‘chemical’ or ‘organic’ inputs.

Understanding what they can achieve and the benefits, growers can break this ‘intervention habit’, set their goals on getting their agroecosystems functioning again, trial techniques, learn, share experiences, and respond constructively to newly emerging issues and threats.

What we provide

We provide intern students with unique and affordable experience-based learning opportunities.  We generally only have 1-2 interns at any one time. Interns get one-on-one guidance and support directly on a day-to-day basis from Dr. Wendy Seabrook, and you'll receive training in applying ecological principles to regenerate ecosystems in farms and gardens. If you are interested in gaining skills in developing online content, sales and marketing, let us know.

Practical Research Projects

We encourage our Intern Students to use their time at Hill Top Farm to pursue independent practical research projects. This is an evolving piece of our educational program and we support the students to undertake a research project which will benefit their career and our information base for the farm. If you are doing an internship as part of your academic studies, we can also help you to meet the requirements specified by your College.


  1. FREE - we don’t charge for our Internships.
  2. We don't ask interns to work 24/7! Interns are expected to help out 4 hrs/day Monday to Friday.
  3. Time off – you’ll have weekends and afternoons to follow your own interests, explore Cooktown and our surrounding wild landscapes.
  4. First-rate Intern Accommodation - we provide accommodation in our self-contained cabin or safari tent
  5. Healthy diet – we eat mainly from the farm and otherwise use organic ingredients as much as possible. We can accommodate people on special diets, but our interns must be willing to explore new tropical foods!

What we need from you

If you would like to do an Internship with Learning from Nature at Hill Top Farm you need to:

  1. Send us an email us using the contact form
  2. We will reply and then you can send us a:
    • Copy of your Resume/CV and a recent photo of yourself
    • Brief covering letter explaining:
      • why you would like to do an Internship at HTF, and
      • what you would like to achieve from the Internship
    • Brief letter of recommendation from someone who knows you personally and another from an individual or organization you have worked with previously.

We receive many requests for internships and find that looking at your Resumes, together with your responses to the above questions, helps us ensure that the internships will be worthwhile for you both and the team at Hill Top Farm.

Interns need to fulfill the requirements of our ‘Intern Contract’, including providing a Bond of $500 payable to confirm your placement as an intern at Hill Top Farm. The full amount will be refunded to you at the end of your Internship program.

We do not charge for our Internship but ask for the Bond to ensure our Interns are as committed as we are to this opportunity.

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Jessica Peace

“I would live in Wendy’s cabin if I could. I’m an organic gardener from England and came to Wendy to learn her pioneering techniques in regenerative farming and growing in drought conditions to help my work in the ever drier English summers we’re experiencing.

Well I learnt this and so much more. For instance I learnt to work with cattle and poultry in regenerative systems, implementing rotational grazing and providing protective glades for the cattle rather than open fields.

My time when not working was just as fulfilling; expect to be cooking with tropical, organic food from the farm and living amongst tropical flowers and insects more colourful than you could imagine – as well as wallabies, lizards, frogmouths, friar birds and snakes of course – this is Australia! There is Wendy’s lily-framed dam to swim in and Wendy is generous enough to take you on her trips to waterholes, bush walks and beach runs. For others coming from the northern hemisphere don’t forget to look out of your cabin on a clear night to see the milky-way.”

Jessica Peace