What’s the best way to kill weeds and grass?

Are you tired of pulling weeds and trying to remove grass? Especially those annoying creeping grasses like couch that seem to get in to everything!

Gone are the days when we need to get down on our hands and knees to remove these plants by hand. Or spend hours digging them out!

There is an alternative to herbicide! A much easier way … See how in this video.

Let me know how you go. I have removed grass and weeds from areas as large at 170 x 10m! Newspaper and cardboard is just as good for smaller sites.

Want to get rid of weeds for good?

Improve the structure of your soil!

Weeds are usually a sign of compacted soil and hence soil with poor drainage. Weeds are pioneer plants, colonising this degraded land.

As such we can use them to improve our soil. Because any plant is better than no plant.

However, a preferred option would be to look at what they do:

  1. Deep-rooted plants – de-compacting your soil?
  2. Legumes and other plants with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots – fertilising your soil?
  3. Fast-growing biomass accumulating plants – feeding your team of soil structural engineers?
  4. Fast-growing shade producing plants – reducing water loss through evaporation

And find non-invasive plants providing similar benefits.

Here’s a checklist of ecological support species to get you started.