Reduce Costs - Boost Production

Getting the ecosystem supporting your production system functioning again

It’s now generally accepted that commercial producers can get more help with growing food by using regenerative practices to improve their growing conditions. The challenge has been how best to support them.

In this workshop attendees explore explore how to tackle the root causes of the natural resource issues holding them back by getting the ecosystems in their production systems functioning again.

Ecosystems are complex, but improving them isn’t complicated. Nutrient cycles, water cycles and solar energy capture are the three key ecological functions that drive most of the action.

Equipped with the free ecological services provided, producers -

  • Reduce their fertilisers, pest controls and other input costs.
  • Cultivate inbuilt resilience into their production systems improving income security
  • Supply vital ecosystem services such as biodiversity, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, and improved water quality as natural by-products

With our principles-based approach attendees develop place-based practical solutions suitable for their climate, other growing conditions and their production systems. They gain the know-how to trial techniques, share their experiences, and respond constructively to emerging issues and threats. Established regenerative practices become the source and inspiration for ideas rather than one-size-fits-all recipes to follow.


Delivered by Dr Wendy Seabrook in your community, this is a two-day workshop. Online the workshop is generally divided into eight sessions.

We partner with community groups, regional and international development organisations to run these workshops. Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions. They organise registrations, the venue and catering. We can help by supplying marketing copy and images. Wendy can also be available to talk to journalists and on the radio as required.

Price (not including travel and accommodation) from $3,000  excl GST.  Workshop Package - $3,600 includes a pdf copy of the Learning from Nature Eco-logical Farming Handbook for each participant.

Who Benefits from this Workshop?

Farmers open to exploring using eco-logical approaches to regenerative agriculture to solve their natural resource issues.

We adapt the content to suit the participant's production systems and local issues.

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What Farmers say about this Workshop

David and Sandi Cohen, commercial organic green bean producers in Queensland, Australia.

Dianne James is a business consultant supporting farming enterprises in NSW, Australia.

Michelle Stephens runs a successful organic market garden in NSW, Australia.

Farm and Co

Ron Purves, farming 40 acres north of Brisbane, Australia

Featured on national radio in Australia -  ABC Country Hour 

Featured on national radio in New Zealand -  Nights

>>Contact us to discuss running this workshop for your community

Phone on +61 7 4069 505