Cultivate Grower-Led Innovation in Regenerative Agriculture

Using a principles-based approach

There is a groundswell of farmers using regenerative practices recognising that much of our farmland is in poor condition and would work better with a few repairs.

The challenge has been how to do it.

Showing growers how to use different regenerative practices can be useful. But the better approach is to give farmers the know-how to choose the best techniques for the issues holding them back, their growing conditions, livestock, and crops, by:

  1. Understanding what they need to regenerate – the ecological functions in their production systems, and
  2. How to do it - developing practices mimicking how these functions get naturally repaired in their growing conditions.


Soil carbon, organic matter, water infiltration, and biodiversity are valuable measures to track our progress, but these are products and services of functioning ecosystems. We need functioning ecosystems for these to improve.

The ecological principles are straightforward. Growers come on board appreciating the eco-logic and seeing the economic benefits. They trial techniques, learn and share their experiences.

Who benefits?

Farmers who are open to and interested in exploring new ways of growing; climate, type of production systems, or property size doesn't matter – the principles are the same. Community and market gardeners, hobby farmers and large scale commercial growers all benefit from using this ecological approach.


We partner with organisations to deliver these workshops in their region or online from Hill Top Farm - our learning centre in far north Queensland.

Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions, organise registration, the venue and catering. Dr Wendy Seabrook works closely with you to fine-tune the content to meet the needs of your participants.

What Farmers say about this Workshop

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David and Sandi Cohen, commercial organic green bean producers in Queensland, Australia.

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Dianne James is a business consultant supporting farming enterprises in NSW, Australia.

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Michelle Stephens runs a successful organic market garden in NSW, Australia.

Farm and Co

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Ron Purves, farming 40 acres north of Brisbane, Australia

Featured on national radio in Australia -  ABC Country Hour 

Learning from Nature - featured on national New Zealand Radio - Nights

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