Drought-proof your Farm

Using this new ecological approach

We're glad to be making this resource available. These days it doesn’t matter where we farm - at times we don’t get nearly enough rain.

Many farmers are experiencing the worst droughts in living memory. In parts of the world, droughts threaten lives as well as livelihoods.

At Hill Top Farm, we're getting seven dry months and less predictable wet seasons. Even in balmy temperate climates farmers now get heat waves and weeks without rain.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to drought-proof your farm...

To extend your growing season, reduce irrigation costs,  grow more and save money on feed for livestock when the growing gets tough.

What is the solution?

Usually, we respond by digging dams and bores and using practices like planned de-stocking, rotational grazing, importing fodder, mulching, irrigation and seasonal cropping.

These help, but they are not enough.

As we see from recent droughts, we need to ask ourselves “what’s the best thing we can do" to make the most of the rain and any other water we have available. To get the rain we’ve measured in our rain gauge infiltrating soil rather than running off, and keep our soil moist well into dry times.

Landscaping solutions like swales, contour banks, keyline design, and natural sequence farming, are often seen as the only solution. But they are not cheap– especially if you need to hire equipment.

AND they are not the only solution.

Ecological techniques use ‘points of leverage’ in our water cycle as the key places to intervene and increase water infiltration and storage in soil.

They are cost-effective, improve soil, productivity, and create new income earning opportunities.

Not a bad option?

With this Handbook, you’ll learn how to use these techniques. See what they can do for you. Then look at the extra benefits landscaping structures can provide.

So instead of living in hope and waiting for the next drought to hit – ask “what’s the best thing I can do” and this Handbook will help you.

“Sustainable intensification requires smarter, precision technologies for irrigation, and farming practices that use ecosystem approaches to conserve water” Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

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Drought-proof your farm

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