Drought-proof your Farm

Using this affordable eco-logical approach

These days it doesn’t matter where we farm - at times we don’t get nearly enough rain.

Many farmers are experiencing the worst droughts in living memory. In some parts of the world, drought threatens farmers’ lives as well as their livelihoods. Even in balmy temperate climates farmers now get heat waves and weeks without rain.

Wouldn’t it be great to drought-proof your farm...

To make the most from the rainfall and irrigation you have available. To extend your growing season by keeping your soil moist well into dry times, and save money on feed for livestock when growing gets tough?

What is the solution?

Usually, we respond by digging dams and bores. With planned de-stocking and rotational grazing practices, with mulch, irrigation and seasonal cropping in horticulture and arable production.

These help but, as we have seen from the economic impacts of recent droughts, they are not enough.

We can do much more by increasing water storage in our soil, and getting the rain we’ve measured in our rain gauge infiltrating soil rather than running off.

Discover how to use this ecological approach.

  • Cost-effective to implement across your farm
  • Improves your soil
  • Provides opportunities to create additional income streams

Instead of living in hope waiting for the next drought to hit – ask “what’s the best thing I can do” and this Handbook will help you achieve it!

“Sustainable intensification requires smarter, precision technologies for irrigation, and farming practices that use ecosystem approaches to conserve water” Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

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Drought-proof your farm

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