Help Families become Food Secure

Using Eco-logical Approaches to Edible Gardening

The benefits of enabling households to grow more food are undeniable. But how do we help new and experienced food growers minimise the frustrations, challenges of climate change and grow low environmental impact self-sustainable ways?

We can show gardeners how to use various regenerative gardening practices correctly, but it's better to help our food growers understand and apply the ecological principles underpinning why these regenerative practices work.

Understanding this eco-logic, gardeners gain the skills to develop the best practices for their growing conditions, the food they grow, and economic circumstances; and to be adaptable to changing weather conditions. Established regenerative practices like companion cropping, cover crops and making compost become the source and inspiration for ideas rather than recipes to follow.

Getting their ecosystems functioning again, food growers bring back Nature's free ecological services to their gardens, get expert support with the decision-making, and supply safe, nutritious and delicious food for their families.

Who benefits?

People who are interested in exploring new ways of growing food. The climate, food grown, or size of the property doesn't matter – the principles are the same. Back yard growers, community and market gardeners, hobby farmers and large scale commercial growers all benefit from using this ecological approach .


We partner with community groups, regional and international development organisations to deliver these workshops in their region or online via Zoom or equivalent, combined with live stream video demonstrations from the field at Hill Top Farm - our learning centre.

Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions, organise registration, the venue and catering. Our role is working with you to fine-tune the content to meet the needs of your participants.

What people say about our Eco-logical Approach

"I am so much further along my journey cultivating a beautiful and productive garden after having taken your course, and slowly starting to implement changes in how I do things." Mary Anne Anderson

"Great new way of looking at food gardening. Super valuable" Lynne Saunders


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