Growing healthy food doesn't need to be hard work

Reduce your costs, disappointments and get your weekends back

Do you sometimes think it would be easier to swing by the shops rather than struggle with your veggie garden?

That it would probably be cheaper and less disheartening?

Organic Practices are great for growing healthy food, but there’s all the endless chores and expensive garden products - mulch, fertilisers, pest controls, and home-made alternatives like compost and bio-fertilisers.

Even if we cut costs, it's easy to spend $1,000s every year. Plus our weekends disappear weeding, digging and mulching ...

What's the solution?

Let nature give you a helping hand by bringing her FREE ecological services back into your garden – nutrient and water cycling, solar energy capture, and the beneficial connections to use these resources efficiently.

At this workshop 'Give your garden an Eco-Logical Retrofit', you'll discover how to:

  1. Leave the job of making good soil structure and fertilising your plants to the experts –your soil organisms
  2. Grow healthy, nutrient-dense food (including when the weather plays up), feeding your family, instead of the bugs
  3. Convert your garden into an easy-maintenance food garden


Are you ready to try this easier way to grow?

To create a garden you love spending time in ... No stress growing – just pour yourself another veggie smoothie or gin and tonic!

Who will benefit?

Experienced gardeners and new growers. The type and size of the property doesn't matter - back-yard and community gardeners all benefit.

Although an open mind and willingness to explore new ways of growing is essential.

With standard gardening practices we are stuck on a treadmill of escalating costs and tiring weekends in the garden. We get a helping hand by bringing back Nature's free ecological services …


Learning from Nature workshops - featured on national radio in Australia -  ABC Country Hour 

Learning from Nature - featured on national New Zealand Radio - Nights

"I am so much further along my journey cultivating a beautiful and productive garden after having taken your course, and slowly starting to implement changes in how I do things." Mary Anne Anderson

"Great new way of looking at food gardening. Super valuable" Lynne Saunders

why this ecological approach makes sense ….

By bringing Nature's FREE ecological services back into our gardens we let Nature give us a hand helping hand.

This ecological approach makes sense because we use the technology Nature has developed over 3 billion years to create ecosystems that are:

  • Productive with the energy and resources they have available
  • Self-maintaining
  • Resilient - able to bounce back from extreme weather events
  • Environmentally sustainable


Everything we would like for our gardens.

At this workshop participants are surprised at how much money they save using this new ecological approach to give their gardens an 'eco-logical makeover'.

practicalities ….

I partner with community groups, schools and regional organisations to deliver these workshops.

Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions, and organise registration, the venue and catering.

My role is developing and delivering content relevant to the participants. I can help by supplying text, images and videos for promotional tools like posters, fliers, Facebook postings, and so on.

I charge $1,750/day ($1,500 for organisations without Government funding), plus travel and accommodation if required.


story behind Learning from Nature

Hi, I am Dr Wendy Seabrook, the CEO of Learning from Nature.

When I bought Hill Top Farm, I wanted to find an easier way to grow. I had been growing organically for many years but was intrigued by the benefits innovative gardeners and farmers were getting by improving ecological functions in their production systems.

These food growers were reducing their costs, by bringing Nature’s free ecological services back to their gardens and farms. As an Ecologist, it seemed the logical way to grow.

My challenge was how to do it?

I knew I needed to find tools and techniques that would work well for my growing conditions.

What started out as an exploratory journey for myself, became a bigger project to make it easier for other gardeners and farmers to join the innovative growers already obtaining amazing benefits from using this ecological approach.

I am excited by the innovative ideas and rate of change, as people realise the benefits that come from restoring Nature’s free ecological services


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