Control Pests Naturally

Creating a pest-resistant landscape for your farm and garden

It's disheartening putting so much effort into growing, only to get our crops destroyed by insect pests.

Buying commercial pest controls and bugs to control bugs helps. Still, they are not cheap, and managing pests is becoming less predictable as the distribution and population dynamics of insect pests change due to climate change.

Creating pest-resistant landscapes, we control pests naturally by increasing the diversity and populations of technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Understanding how to create a pest-resistant landscape, participants apply the principles to develop a plan to for their properties.

Pest-resistant market garden at The Eden Project, England

"There are lots of beneficial insects that provide pest control services, and these natural pest control services have been estimated at about $400 billion annually globally" Dr Nancy Schellhorn, CSIRO, Australia

"Nature has already provided many of the tools needed to successfully combat agricultural pests"

Dr Miguel A. Altieri, United States

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