Feed your Plants without Fertilisers

Getting your soil ecosystem functioning again

Imagine growing food without fertilisers!

It's difficult to appreciate what we can achieve as virtually all of us grow food in soils that no longer function properly.

While most soils don't show the customary signs of soil degradation, we struggle to grow strong, pest and disease-resistant plants and nutrient-dense food. And have trouble growing anything when the weather turns bad!

Our soil ecosystems have been in poor working order for so long that we've largely forgotten about the ecological services they naturally provide –

  1. Maintaining the soil infrastructure
  2. Breaking down leaves and other organic waste materials and the mineral particles in the soil
  3. Recycling the nutrients they contain and making them available for our plants to reuse.

It has become the norm to substitute for these free ecological services by digging soil, applying fertilisers, compost and other organic and biological inputs.

How do we get our soil ecosystems functioning again?

The solution is straightforward because it's eco-logical!

We give our soil organisms a better diet, by growing a generous, diverse, and preferably consistent food supply for our soil organisms, as well as for ourselves.

By providing a lousy catering service for our soil ecosystem we've deprived our soil organisms of the food supplies needed to do the work for which they have had billions of years of on-the-job training!

With this resource you'll gain the know-how to get your soil ecosystems working again, giving your plants comfortable accommodation and a nutritious diet!

  • Give your plants five-star catering directly from your soil ecosystem rather than via intermittent inputs you supply.
  • Leave your spade in the shed - giving the job of making good soil structure to your team of invertebrate and microbial 'soil structural engineers'
  • Grow healthy pest and disease-resistant crops with a bio-diverse soil food web.

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Get your soil ecosystem working again!
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