Grow Plants without Fertilisers

Getting your soil ecosystem functioning again

Wouldn't it be great to reduce our reliance on commercial fertilisers, compost and other biological inputs? To give soil organisms the job of managing our fertiliser regimes?

Most soils don't provide the free ecological services we can get from functioning soil ecosystems - recycling plant nutrients, building and maintaining soil structure.

At this one-day workshop  - 'Feed Plants without Fertilisers' farmer and gardeners:

  • Apply ecological principles to regenerate their soil
  • Discover how other growers benefit from using this eco-logical approach
  • Develop practical techniques suitable for their growing conditions and the food they produce

Who benefits?

People who are interested in exploring new ways of farming and gardening. The climate, food grown, or size of the property doesn't matter – the principles are the same. Back yard growers, community and market gardeners, hobby farmers and large scale commercial growers all benefit from using this ecological approach .


We partner with community groups, regional and international development organisations to deliver these workshops in their region or online via Zoom or equivalent , combined with live stream video demonstrations from the field at Hill Top Farm - our learning centre.

Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions, organise registration, the venue and catering. Our role is working with you to fine-tune the content to meet the needs of your participants.

Enable Behavioural Change

Achieve improved on-ground outcomes for participants providing post-workshop support through:

  • Peer Support Groups with Coaching - remote or on-site
  • Site visits 6 – 12 months after the workshop

Use site visits to evaluate program outcomes and as opportunities to extend program engagement beyond initial workshop participants.

Contact us to discuss running this Workshop in your Community

phone on +61 7 4069 505


What people say about our Eco-logical Approach

"We average approximately 30% higher than the conventional farmers do in the county. We have much more saleable products. Our products are more nutrient dense. We have a higher quality of life…. and storing a lot more carbon. Our profits are higher”

Gabe Brown, USA

“There is no soil on this planet that lacks the nutrients to grow plants. What we’re lacking is the microorganisms to change the nutrients which are there into a form that your plants can use”

Dr Elaine Ingham

Featured on national radio in Australia -  ABC Country Hour 

Learning from Nature - featured on national New Zealand Radio - Nights

Contact us to discuss running this Workshop in your Community

phone on +61 7 4069 505