Reduce your Fertiliser Costs

Getting your soil ecosystem functioning again

Wouldn't it be great to reduce our reliance on fertilisers, compost and other organic and biological inputs?

While most soils don't show the customary signs of soil degradation, they don't provide the free ecological services functioning soil ecosystems supply. Getting our soil ecosystems working again soil organisms maintain the soil infrastructure, recycle plant nutrients and make them available to our crops for reuse.

Participants learn how to build healthy soil by getting the ecosystems in their soil functioning again. They apply ecological principles to develop practical techniques suitable for their growing conditions and what they grow.

Who Benefits from this Workshop?

Learning from Nature supports farmers and food gardeners interested in exploring eco-logical approaches to solve natural resource issues. Growers to develop place-based practical solutions for their growing conditions and what they grow.


Delivered by Dr Wendy Seabrook in your community, this is a one-day workshop. Online the workshop is generally four sessions delivered over two weeks.

We partner with community groups, regional and international development organisations to run these workshops. Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions. They organise registrations, the venue and catering. We can help by supplying marketing copy and images. Dr Wendy Seabrook can also be available to talk to journalists as required.

Price (not including travel and accommodation) from $1500 excluding GST - $1850 (including copy of the Learning from Nature publication - 'Grow Plants without Fertilisers' for each participant).

Achieve improved on-ground outcomes for participants providing post-workshop support through:

  • Peer Support Groups with Coaching - remote or on-site
  • Site visits 6 – 12 months after the workshop

Use site visits to evaluate program outcomes and as opportunities to extend program engagement beyond initial workshop participants.

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Phone on +61 7 4069 505

"Great experience. Gained a comprehensive knowledge of how to improve plant health by improving soil health" Jim Paddon, NSW, Australia

"I learned a good deal from the workshop and really enjoyed the entire day. Now instead of seeing my fruit trees as my only opportunity for a cash crop, I plan to incorporate a range of strata" Kate Drysdale, Queensland Australia

"I really enjoyed the workshop. It has encouraged me to rethink my future plans for my farm" Michael Flanagan, NSW, Australia

"It was mind-blowing! Learnt a lot, and taking away practical ideas to improve my soil" Monica Moore, Queensland Australia

Featured on national radio in Australia -  ABC Country Hour 

Learning from Nature - featured on national New Zealand Radio - Nights

>>Contact us to discuss running this workshop for your community

Phone on +61 7 4069 505