Drought-Proof your Garden

Using cost-effective eco-logical techniques

We’re getting harder hit by drought. Standard solutions – spreading mulch, growing drought-tolerant plants, using irrigation and greywater help. But there is a remarkably straightforward solution we tend to overlook – getting more water into and stored in our soil.

Vegetation provides shade and wind protection, reducing water loss from evaporation. Living ground covers, leaf litter, and mulch reduce runoff. But understanding the other indispensable role plants play in increasing water infiltration and storage in their soil, participants can develop cost-effective, practical solutions to drought-proof their gardens.

Participants will explore ways to apply the eco-logical principles for their growing conditions and what they grow.

Who Benefits from this Workshop?

Learning from Nature supports farmers and food gardeners interested in exploring non-standard approaches to solve natural resource issues. We support growers to develop practical eco-logical solutions suiting their growing conditions and what they grow.


Delivered by Dr Wendy Seabrook in your community, this is a one-day workshop. Online the workshop is generally four sessions delivered over two weeks.

We partner with community groups, regional and international development organisations to run this workshop. Partners generally have extensive networks and media contacts for promotions. They organise registrations, the venue and catering. We can help by supplying marketing copy and images. Wendy can also be available to talk to journalists and on the radio as required.

Price (not including travel and accommodation) from $1500 excluding GST - $1850 (including copy of the Learning from Nature publication - 'Drought-Proof your Garden' for each participant).

>>Contact us to discuss running this workshop for your community

Phone on +61 7 4069 505

>>Contact us to discuss running this workshop for your community

Phone on +61 7 4069 505