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Grow farm profits using Ecological Practices

Growing gets easier when we improve ecological functions in our production systems by bringing back Nature’s FREE ecological services to our farms.

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Give your garden an Eco-Logical Retrofit

Growing healthy food doesn't need to be hard work.
Reduce your costs, disappointments and get your weekends back. Give your garden an eco-logical retrofit, bringing Nature's FREE ecological back to your garden.

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Give Soil Organisms the job of managing your fertiliser regime

Rehabilitate your soil from fertiliser addiction, and leave the job of making good soil structure to the experts –your soil organisms.

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Create a pest-resistant landscape for your farm and garden

Reduce your pest control costs and, instead of feeding the bugs, grow healthy food for your family.

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Too busy to do one of our workshops?

We'll come to your garden or farm and help you reduce your fertiliser, pest control and other input costs with an eco-logical retrofit.

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Internships - Learning from Nature

Volunteer to discover exceptional eco-logical design and innovation grounded in practicality at our demonstration farm in tropical Queensland.

We don’t charge, provide healthy food and comfortable accommodation.

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