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Technical Support

There are so many different schemes that come under the regenerative agriculture umbrella, for instance Climate-Smart Agriculture, Agroecology, Permaculture, and Conservation Agriculture, that it’s confusing. When farmers look for practical information they generally find lists of practices rather than an explanation of what they need to regenerate and the fundamentals of how to do it.

Working with Learning from Nature you avoid this confusion.

By identifying the principles underpinning regenerative practices used around the world, the message for growers is actually quite simple – bring back Nature’s free ecological services to your farm. The ecological functions, particularly nutrient and water cycles, solar energy capture, and functional biodiversity, that farmers need running as well as their equipment and machinery!

Using this ‘eco-logical’ approach, food growers have the know-how to use tools that work effectively in their growing conditions and production systems and solve their critical issues following the ‘path of least resistance’.

Established regenerative practices become the source and inspiration for ideas, rather than recipes to follow.

Farmers come on board seeing the benefits. They reduce their input costs without sacrificing yields, and gain opportunities to increase their income streams. They become less dependent on extension services trialing techniques, learning, and sharing experiences.

We can help your organisation transition to this eco-logical approach.

> How can we help you?

Tailored Training Solutions

Talk to us about designing training programs to meet the specific needs of your staff, food growers and volunteers.

The first step we usually take with partners is a training needs assessment. This helps us to understand your position and what your participants need.

See what food growers say about our training.

> How can we help you?

Workshops and Webinars

Talk to us about delivering our practical and informative workshops and webinars for your community.

Participants learn how to apply eco-logical principles in ways that are responsive to their growing conditions and production systems. Getting inspiration and ideas from innovative growers around the world!

See what food growers say about our training.

Get better outcomes for participants with post-workshop support. This can be remote or on-site. Use follow-up site visits to evaluate outcomes, gather promotional material, and as public field days to extend program engagement beyond the initial workshop participants.

> How can we help you?

Get your ecological functions tuned-up and running again.

Regenerative agriculture is the best way to grow - the challenge has been how to do it. Farmers looking for practical help generally find resources on using different practices, rather than on the principles which underpin these practices.

At this workshop farmers gain the know-how develop practices that work well for their unique growing conditions. Established regenerative practices become a source and inspiration for their ideas, rather than recipes to follow.


Give Soil Organisms the job of managing your fertiliser regime

Rehabilitate your soil from fertiliser addiction and leave the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.


Create a pest-resistant landscape for your farm and garden

Reduce your pest control costs and grow healthy food instead of feeding the bugs!


Give your garden an eco-logical retrofit

Growing healthy food doesn't need to be hard work.
Reduce your costs, disappointments and get your weekends back by bringing back Nature's FREE ecological to your garden.


What people say about our training

"Wendy provides a well-structured and easily understood overview on soil ecology. She shows how landholders small or large can adapt to a changing climate without breaking the bank by focusing on the fundamental ecological principles, helping people recognise the journey they want to undertake or clarify where they are at in this point in time. She shows that to produce food we need to ensure the ecosystems supporting our production systems are functioning. A wonderful start to our 'RegenAG Mentoring Group' webinar journey."

Vicki Horstman
Fitzroy Basin Assoc Inc, Queensland Australia
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