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Learning from Nature is one of the most exciting revolutions of our time. Our passion is to share this knowledge with you, so you harvest the benefits. We do this with our publications, workshops, presentations, and technical advice. In line with our values, our publications are:

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Eco-logical Farming Handbook


We’re battling drought, floods, extreme temperatures and low profit margins while, at the same time, expected to grow more food.

Using regenerative practices to improve our growing conditions we lessen our vulnerability to extreme weather and reliance on fertilisers, pest controls and other inputs. Regenerative agriculture does not exclude the use of the latest agri-tech, but offers a fundamentally different pathway for the future of farming.

The challenge up to now has been - how to do it.

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Drought-proof your farm


These days it doesn’t matter where we farm - at times we don’t get nearly enough rain, and many farmers are experiencing the worst droughts in living memory.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to drought-proof your farm... To extend your growing season, reduce irrigation costs,  grow more and save money on feed for livestock when the growing gets tough.

Instead of waiting for the next drought to hit – ask “what’s the best thing I can do” and this Handbook will help you get there! That's why we decided to make this information from the Ecological Farming Handbook available as a separate resource.

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Wouldn’t it be great to grow food that virtually looks after itself? To grow plants that thrive in your growing conditions. Producing food for you rather than the insects! That survive when the weather gets tough.

Then you need to grow from your strengths using a GrowMap. Quick and easy to use. No expensive equipment required!

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