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Using a Principles-Based Approach to Regenerative Farming and Gardening

With an initial focus on "why to do it" rather than "what to do," organisations can ask - "are we solving grower's problems and helping them develop the best practical solutions?" Rather than are we "are we showing them how to use different practices?"

The ecological principles underpinning regenerative practices are straightforward. Climate doesn't matter, the food grown, or property's size. Understanding these principles, growers gain the skills to solve complex and uncertain problems by developing custom practices fitting their circumstances. Established practices become the source and inspiration for ideas, rather than standard recipes for disparate circumstances.

Growers come on board appreciating the eco-logic and seeing the benefits. With the skills to trial techniques, learn, and share their experiences, they become less dependent on support services. They get their ecosystems functioning again and get off the treadmill of substituting for Nature's free ecological services by cultivating soil, applying 'chemical' or 'organic' inputs.

Technical Support

We help organisations develop the policies, programs, strategic content and other media marketing to support their communities in using regenerative approaches to growing food.

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Tailored Training Solutions, Webinars, Presentations...

What problems do your grower's have? Talk to us about creating suitable learning opportunities for your staff, volunteers, and food growers.

Our content is science and evidence-based, engaging, and facilitates behavioural change.

The first step we usually take with partners is a training needs assessment to understand your position and achieve the desired outcomes with available resources.

We charge a fixed fee or the one and two-day workshops listed below.

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Bring back Nature's FREE Services to your Farm

Regenerative agriculture is the best way to grow - the challenge has been how to do it. Looking for practical help farmers generally find resources on using different practices, rather than on the principles which underpin these practices.

Applying ecological principles, farmers gain the know-how to get their agroecosystems functioning again and develop practices that work well for their unique growing conditions.

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Give your Garden an Eco-logical Retrofit

Growing healthy food doesn't need to be hard work.

Reduce your costs, frustrations, and get your weekends back by getting the ecosystems in your garden functioning again -bringing back Nature's FREE ecological services.

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Grow Plants without Fertilisers

Rehabilitate your soil from fertiliser addiction getting your soil ecosystem functioning again.

As leading farmers and gardeners show us, by replacing practices 'sustaining' soils with regenerative techniques, we get our soil ecosystem functioning again. We can then leave the maintenance of our soil structure to our soil organisms and use few or even zero fertiliser applications without sacrificing yields.

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Create a Pest-Resistant Landscape

It's disheartening putting so much effort into growing food, only to see it destroyed by pests and disease.

Commercial pest controls help, but creating a pest-resistant landscape for our farm or garden reduces our pest control costs, and helps grow healthy food for us rather than the bugs!

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What people say about our Services

"Wendy provides a well-structured and easily understood overview on soil ecology. She shows how landholders small or large can adapt to a changing climate without breaking the bank by focusing on the fundamental ecological principles, helping people recognise the journey they want to undertake or clarify where they are at in this point in time. She shows that to produce food we need to ensure the ecosystems supporting our production systems are functioning. A wonderful start to our 'RegenAG Mentoring Group' webinar journey."

Vicki Horstman
Fitzroy Basin Assoc Inc, Queensland Australia
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