We’re passionate about letting Nature give you a helping hand

It makes practical sense, and is an awesome way to get Nature back into our gardens and farms

It is exciting to know that organic growing isn’t the only option. That there are easier ways to grow.

When Dr Wendy Seabrook, the founder of Learning from Nature, bought Hill Top Farm 10 years ago, she wanted to find an easier way to grow.

“I had enough experience to understand the challenges of both growing food for my family and making a income using organic practices. I was intrigued by the interesting results innovative growers were getting from improving ecological functions in their farms and gardens.

Here was a practical way to grow food. An approach that made growing easier, reduced costs, and allowed Nature back into farms and gardens again. As an Ecologist it seemed the logical way to go.”


There are broadacre croppers leaving their tractors in the shed, and no-dig gardeners giving the job of creating good soil structure to the experts – their soil organisms.

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I talk to community gardeners, getting excellent results by attracting beneficial insects. Often just by planting rows of flowers in tidy geometrically designed Potager market garden beds.

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YOU don’t need to be a HIPPY!

I interviewed Hydroponic growers giving their production systems an ‘ecological makeover’, drastically reducing their reliance on commercial pesticides.

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At Hill Top Farm we have transformed an empty paddock

The challenge is – how can we easily and safely make the change?

What ecological techniques work and how can we apply them to our growing conditions?

“That’s why I developed the Ecological Practices. A simple set of practical tools to make it easier for us to join the pioneers already obtaining amazing benefits from using this approach.

I looked closely at what these growers were doing, and what was working at Hill Top Farm. Bringing together my practical knowhow with scientific rigor, and inspiration from the productivity, resilience, and ability of natural ecosystems to look after themselves.” Dr. Wendy Seabrook.

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Dr. Wendy Seabrook

Dr. Wendy Seabrook is the founder of Learning from Nature, and the ‘brains and muscle’ behind a lot of what has been achieved at Hill Top Farm – our demonstration farm and education facility in far north Queensland, Australia.

Wendy is an ecologist, innovator, and strategic thinker. Passionate about helping people benefit by tapping into the wisdom nature provides.

“It continues to be an amazing journey – Learning from Nature. I am still getting light bulb moments. You know, when you realize something really obvious, but it’s not obvious until you see it! I love it when this happens.

To be honest – the more I learn the more logical it becomes to let Nature give us a helping hand.”

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No Mowers Food Grower’s Guide

In 2013 Dr. Wendy Seabrook was commissioned by the Australian Government to write a practical guide on using the Ecological Practices in the Wet-Dry Tropics.

What people say about us

Dave Cohen, commercial organic farmer, Qld, Australia

Dianne James, Farm Business Consultant, NSW, Australia

Michelle Stephens, Market Gardener, NSW. Australia

Helping people achieve positive change

“One of the most exciting things about living in a time of great change is the number of wonderful, innovative ideas being generated.  Dr Wendy Seabrook is an excellent change agent and innovator. She is a highly skilled facilitator, assisting people and groups to change their thinking and action; helping then achieve positive change in their industries and communities.”


Pamela McAllister

Featured on national radio in Australia

  ABC Country Hour 



In 2016 Learning from Nature was selected as a finalist in the Australian Future Agro Challenge - a worldwide competition recognising innovative, commercially agribusiness start-ups that address national, regional and global challenges.

Learning from Nature was also selected as a finalist in the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards for 'Best Proven Practice'.

See how gardeners and farmers around the world (and at Hill Top Farm) are applying our Ecological Practices.

Learn from the successes, and also the challenges of innovative growers. Apply the latest research and time-tested traditional techniques from around the world.

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