We’re passionate about letting Nature
give you a helping hand

It makes practical sense, and is an awesome way
to get biodiversity back into our gardens and farms

Our mission - to help you bring back Nature’s FREE ecological services to your garden and farm.

Hi, I am Dr Wendy Seabrook. The founder of Learning from Nature, and the ‘brains and muscle’ behind a lot of what has been achieved at Hill Top Farm – the Learning from Nature demonstration farm and education facility in far north Queensland, Australia.

I've been growing organic food for over 20 years, initially for my family and friends, and then as a commercial producer.

Like nearly every other grower I've talked to over the years, I have struggled with all the costs involved with growing food – equipment, machinery, fertilisers, minerals, pest controls ... And I was tired of spreading mulch!

There had to be an easier way.

I was intrigued by the benefits innovative growers were getting by improving ecological functions.

They were reducing their costs by bringing Nature’s free ecological services back to their farms and gardens.

As an Ecologist, it seemed the logical way to grow.

The question I had was - how were they doing it!

I knew it wouldn’t work to just copy what they were doing. To find an affordable and low-risk way to get the benefits, I needed to understand how to apply the techniques to my climate and growing conditions.

That’s why I developed the toolkit of Ecological Practices we use at Learning from Nature.

The Ecological Practices decipher the ecological rationale behind the techniques we can use. By understanding the reasons why different techniques work we can then choose the right tools our climate, growing conditions and what we want to grow.

The Practices are easy to use, but don't be deceived by their simplicity. A lot of thought, scientific rigor, and practical hands-on experience has gone into developing them.


See how growers apply our Ecological Practices.

Learn from the successes and challenges of gardeners, farmers, and our experiences at Hill Top Farm. Apply the latest research and time-tested traditional techniques from around the world.

We'll do the digging, sieving and propagating, so you can concentrate on growing.


Featured on National Radio in New Zealand



Featured on National Radio in Australia

  ABC Country Hour 


What people are saying about Learning from Nature

Helping people achieve positive change

“One of the most exciting things about living in a time of great change is the number of wonderful, innovative ideas being generated.

Dr Wendy Seabrook is an excellent change agent and innovator. She is a highly skilled facilitator, assisting farmers and gardeners to change their thinking and action; helping then achieve positive change for their land and communities.”

McAllister Leadership