Let Nature give you a helping hand

We urgently need world-changing solutions to improve our food supplies and help solve the climate and environmental emergency.

Growing food eco-logically is one of these solutions.

By repairing the ecosystems supporting our home and commercial food production we reduce the cost of growing food for us and our environment. We rely on Nature's free ecological services instead of fertilisers, pest controls, and other external inputs, and create resilient growing conditions less likely to break down when under extra strain from drought, floods, extreme heat, and unusual pest and disease outbreaks.

Leave your tractor and spade in the shed. Give the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.

Save money on pest controls with technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Give your soil organisms the job of managing your fertiliser regime.

Improve yields growing extra solar panels.

Learning from Nature is Eco-logical.

We combine the expertise Nature has developed over three billion years with our ingenuity to grow food in ways that are:

  • Easy to maintain,
  • Highly productive, and
  • Quickly bounce back from the impacts of extreme weather.

Everything we want for our farms and gardens!

Learning from Nature makes Economic Sense.

We reduce our fertiliser, pest control and other input costs, relying instead on Nature's free ecological services.

Our yields improve, experiencing higher nutrient availability in our soils and fewer impacts from pests and diseases.

Makes sense for Organisations supporting food growers.

Applying eco-logical principles is remarkably straightforward because they are inherently eco-logical. Farmers and food gardeners become the agents of change, developing solutions for their growing conditions, responding constructively to emerging issues and threats, and sharing their experiences.

They supply vital ecosystem services – biodiversity, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, reduced fertiliser runoff - as natural by-products from getting the ecosystems in their farms and gardeners functioning again.

Take a look at the native vegetation in your region. It doesn’t need anyone to spread mulch and compost, control pests, weed or mow...

What Learning from Nature can do for you

We'll help you develop practical solutions for your farm and garden that work for your climate, other growing conditions, and the food you grow.

Using our resources, publications, and participating in our webinars, workshops and other activities, you benefit from research uncovering the ecological principles underpinning regenerative practices. This eco-logic is inherently simple and shared in easily digestible grower-friendly formats.

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