Let Nature give you a helping hand

Whether you're a farmer, community or home gardener, it's getting harder to grow food.

We're battling drought, extreme temperatures, floods, and unusual pest and disease outbreaks. The risks associated with relying on land with little inbuilt resilience has become a liability. Fertiliser, pest control, and other input costs are escalating, and it’s becoming impossible to ignore food safety and nutritional, and environmental issues from the way we grow food.

There is a solution... getting the ecosystems in our farms and gardens working again.

Growing in functioning ecosystems, we benefit from Nature's FREE ecological services, reducing the cost of growing food for us and our environment.

Leave your tractor and spade in the shed. Give the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.

Save money on pest controls with technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Give your soil organisms the job of managing your fertiliser regime.

Improve yields growing extra solar panels.

Join the groundswell of growers, regenerating their farms and gardens eco-logically.

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Learning from Nature makes Eco-logical Sense.

We combine the expertise Nature has developed over three billion years with our ingenuity to create ecosystems that are:

  • Easy to maintain,
  • Highly productive, and
  • Quickly bounce back from the impacts of extreme weather.

Everything we want for our farms and gardens.

Learning from Nature makes Economic Sense.

We reduce our fertiliser, pest control and other input costs, relying instead on Nature's free ecological services.

Experiencing higher nutrient availability in our soils and fewer impacts from pests and diseases, our yields improve.

Makes Sense for Organisations supporting food growers.

Understanding and applying eco-logical principles, our food growers become the innovators and agents of change. They gain the know-how to trial techniques, learn and share their experiences, and capacity to respond constructively to newly emerging issues and threats.

They supply vital ecosystem services – biodiversity, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, reduced fertiliser, pesticide and sediment runoff as natural by-products from getting their ecosystems functioning again.

Take a look at the native vegetation in your region. It doesn’t need anyone to spread mulch and compost, control pests, weed or mow...

What Learning from Nature can do for you

You confidently and competently bring back Nature's FREE ecological services to your garden and farm using regenerative practices that work for your climate and other growing conditions.

You get the job done relying mainly on the resources you have naturally available - your plants, animals, microbes, etc., rather than imported ingredients with often dubious environmental credentials.

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