Growing healthy food doesn’t have to be hard work.

We’ll show you an easier and cheaper way to grow food, by bringing Nature’s free ecological services back into your garden and farm.

Do you sometimes wonder why you bother growing food?

It’s become so expensive.

All the fertilisers, pest controls, equipment and machinery, and disappointments when our hard work gets destroyed by bugs, bothersome animals and bad weather.

It’s no easier if you’re a commercial grower. Struggling with reduced profit margins as inputs costs escalate.

Learning from Nature

Wouldn’t be great to get better results? To grow food that virtually looks after itself!

It would cost less and leave us more time to sit back and enjoy a relaxing lunch in the garden with family and friends.

Indulging ourselves with fresh, yummy home grown produce…

Organic techniques are good for growing chemical-free food, but growing gets heaps easier when we bring Nature’s free ecological services back into our gardens and farms again.

Leave your tractor and spade in the shed. Give the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.

Save money on commercial pest controls with your team of technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Give soil organisms the job of managing your fertilizer regime.

Grow more with extra solar panels.

Have the joy of bringing Nature back into your garden and farm.

We’ll help you …

bring back Nature’s FREE ecological services – by restoring the key ecological functions on your land with our toolkit of Ecological Practices.