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Cultivate a healthy relationship with our environment

With the state of the world today, it feels good to be improving our soil and growing food without chemicals. But we can do more to improve our food security and help solve the climate and environmental emergency by learning from Nature.

Learning from Nature we grow food eco-logically. We tackle the root cause of the problems we have with growing food by repairing the ecosystems within our veggie gardens, orchards, and fields. 

We reverse twelve thousand years of agriculture responsible for the loss of billions of tons of carbon, 58% of birds, 40% of insect species, and other environmental impacts that have got us to the point of ecological collapse.

With vibrant, biodiverse, and functioning ecosystems we create resilient growing conditions reducing the damage and recovering quicker from droughts, flooding rains, extreme temperatures, and unusual pest and disease outbreaks. With our soils naturally supplying nutrients to our plants and insects and birds controlling most of our pests we reduce the costs of growing food for us and our environment.

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Learning from Nature - Our Approach

At Learning from Nature we support farmers and food gardeners to tackle their issues with growing food at their source by repairing the ecosystems within their vegetable gardens, orchards and fields. We use this approach, recognising that nutrient deficiencies in food, insufficient organic matter and rainwater not getting into our soil, crops relentlessly hammered by insects, and most of the other challenges we have with growing food, are the symptoms of poorly functioning ecosystems. 

Having dismantled complex ecosystems and replaced them with production lines mass producing one or two crops, meat, or dairy products, we are now left substituting for the free ecological services functioning ecosystems provide with fertilisers, pest controls, other inputs. And battle floods, droughts, scorching heat with few defences.

We can keep cultivating soil, spreading fertilisers, minerals, compost, and other external inputs. We can keep limiting our efforts in restoring ecosystems to planting natives along creek lines, in the corners of our fields, and bottom of our gardens. But this doesn’t make sense. Combining our ingenuity and experience with the expertise Nature has developed over millions of years we benefit from her FREE ecological services.

Growing food eco-logically we make a meaningful contribution to solving the climate and environmental crisis.

Imagine the Difference...

Learning from Nature, we'll harvest healthy food with our soils naturally supplying nutrients to our crops, insects and birds controlling most of our pests, and our farms and gardens will supply additional environmental services, such as biodiversity, carbon sequestration, improved water quality, flood mitigation, as natural by-products. 

Being less dependent on fertilisers, pest controls other inputs we also reduce our environmental footprint beyond the farm and garden gate.

Functioning soil ecosystem

Less Work

Leave your tractor and spade in the shed. Give the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.

Spider eating insect pest

Less Cost

Save money on pest controls with technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Plant leaves are solar panels

Higher Yields

Harvest more food by capturing extra solar energy.



Birds, insects and other wildlife return to our farms and gardens.

Dense vegetation sequestrating carbon

Carbon Sequestration

Remove carbon from the atmosphere and put it to good use in your soil and vegetation

Functioning ecosystems in our farms and gardens produce clean water

Clean Water

Functioning ecosystems in our farms and gardens produce clean water.

Support from Learning from Nature

However you learn we've got you covered!

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All our resources are solidly grounded with the latest research and the experiences of farmers and gardeners repairing and growing food in functioning ecosystems.

Applying the ecological principles and simple-to-follow guidelines,  you'll gain the know-how to grow food eco-logically in your farm and garden!

Practical Solutions

At Learning from Nature, we'll help you develop practical solutions for your farm and garden that work for your climate, other growing conditions, and the food you grow. Using our resources, handbooks, and participating in our courses and webinars, you benefit from research uncovering the ecological principles underpinning regenerative practices. The eco-logic is inherently simple and shared in easily digestible grower-friendly formats.

Property size doesn't matter

There are home gardeners, smallholders, market and community gardeners and large-scale commercial producers getting their ecosystems functioning again using this eco-logical approach.

Climate doesn't matter

Gardeners and farmers from the cold north of Scotland to the hot, sultry tropics and arid landscapes of Africa apply the ecological principles in ways that work well for their growing conditions and the food they grow.

Take a look at the native vegetation in your region. It doesn’t need anyone to spread mulch and compost, control pests, weed or mow...

Wendy's Story

Wendy is the Founder and CEO of Learning from Nature

I was where you may be now. Even though my expertise is in ecology, I was busy 'band-aiding' my system - spreading lime, chicken manure, compost, organic pest controls, and other stuff, rather than repairing the eco-system itself!

Now, I’ve stopped seeing myself as the Boss!

We tackle the root cause of our growing issues by learning from Nature and sharing the decision-making with the experts. We manage our garden and farm to provide the soil organisms, plants, insects, birds and other animals with the food and habitat they need to employ their millions of years of on-the-job training!

Join the groundswell of Farmers and Gardeners growing food Eco-logically

Whether you grow in a suburban backyard, community garden, or on a thousand-acre property; use regenerative, organic, biological, syntrophic, permaculture or agroecological growing practices.… Ask yourself, “Is what I am doing eco-logical?” and join the groundswell of gardeners and farmers revolutionising how we grow food.

Easier & less cost to maintain
Highly productive
Bounce back quicker from impacts of extreme weather

Learning from Nature
is Eco-logical

We combine our ingenuity and experience with the expertise Nature has developed over three billion years to grow food in ways that are everything we want for our farms and gardens!

Learning from Nature
makes Economic Sense

We reduce our fertiliser, pest control and other input costs and dependence on global supply chains, relying instead on Nature's free ecological services.

Improved yields
Higher nutrient availability
Fewer impacts from pests
and diseases

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