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We know the issues.

We're battling drought, fires, flooding rains, and other extreme weather events. Farmers are caught between a rock and a hard place. Their profits squeezed by escalating production costs and the lousy prices they get for their produce. Home gardeners often find it less trouble, and even cheaper to swing by the supermarket, to have food in the fridge ready for when they come home tired and hungry.

Agriculture is responsible for 25% of global carbon emissions; fertiliser run-off causes algal blooms in rivers and lakes, red tides and dead zones in the ocean. Common farmland birds are no longer common, and insect populations are collapsing. Vegetables often lack essential nutrients, and contain less energy  than the amount consumed getting them to our plates.

Using 'sustainable' practices is not ideal, because what we are sustaining is in poor condition, and in need of repair.

Most of our farms and gardens no longer have functioning ecosystems. It has become the norm to substitute for the free ecological services functioning ecosystems provide. Virtually everybody does it, believing that it's impossible to grow food without regular applications of fertilisers, pest controls and other inputs.

This interventionist approach defines conventional food growing, whether we use 'chemical' or 'organic' inputs.

Learning from Nature is 'eco-logical'

Getting the ecosystems in our gardens and farms functioning again we improve our nutrient cycle, water cycle, and solar energy capture, and rebuild the beneficial connections between our plants, animals, microbes, and other living organisms.

We let Nature help us, and it becomes cheaper to grow food.

Our gardens and farms become more resilient to the impacts of extreme weather and supply vital ecosystem services – biodiversity, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, and reduced fertiliser, pesticide and sediment runoff - naturally as by-products from repairing our ecological infrastructure.


Easy to maintain



Leave your tractor and spade in the shed. Give the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.

Save money on pest controls with technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Give your soil ecosystem the job of managing your fertiliser regime.

Improve yields and get your soil functioning again, growing extra solar panels.

Bringing back Nature's free Ecological Services makes Practical Sense.

Learning from Nature, we use expertise developed over millions of years to create ecosystems that are self-maintaining and highly productive - using the energy and resources naturally available. Ecosystems that quickly bounce back from the impacts of extreme weather.

Everything we want for our farms and gardens.

Makes Economic Sense.

Learning from Nature, fertiliser, pest control and other input costs are reduced, and growers improve their yields experiencing higher nutrient availability in their soils and fewer impacts from pests and diseases. They can also take advantage of the opportunities this eco-logical approach provides to grow additional crops.

Makes Sense for Organisations Supporting Food Growers.

Understanding the ecological principles underpinning regenerative agriculture and ecological gardening (the 'eco-logic'), food growers become the innovators and agents of change. They have the know-how to trial techniques, learn and share their experiences, and respond constructively to newly emerging issues and threats. Established regenerative practices become the source and inspiration for ideas, rather than recipes to follow.

Vital ecosystem services are supplied without grants and incentive payments as essential pre-requisites; although they are always helpful!

Take a look at the native vegetation in your region. It doesn’t need anyone to spread mulch, compost and other bio-fertilisers, control pests, weed or mow...

What does learning from Nature mean for you?

You confidently and competently bring back Nature's FREE ecological services to your garden and farm using the 'eco-logical' principles to develop solutions that work for your growing conditions.

You understand what you need to do, and get the job done, relying mainly on the resources you have naturally available - your plants, animals, microbes, etc. Rather than imported ingredients and your hard yakka!

Learning from Nature you have the joy of bringing Nature back to your garden and farm

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