What are the challenges for your farmers and food gardeners? We can support them to address the underlying cause with our in depth masterclasses from Learning from Nature on repairing the ecosystems in their farms or gardens.

We deliver these classes internationally, either by visiting your community or delivering online. Our master classes are science and evidence-based. Participants are supported to develop practical solutions for their farms and gardens.

Delivered by Dr Wendy Seabrook, the master classes extend over two-days. Online the content is delivered generally over two weeks.

Delivery costs are AU$4,000.

We follow-up individually with participants.

Discuss with us opportunities to improve outcomes through post-workshop support. Mechanisms include peer support group coaching (remote or on-site) and site visits to evaluate program outcomes and extend program engagement beyond initial workshop participants.

Our MasterClasses

Woman picking veggies

Gardeners Grow Food Eco-logically

With the state of the world today, it feels good to improve our soil and grow food without chemicals. But we can do much more to enhance our food security and help solve the climate and environmental crisis.

Repairing the ecosystems in our gardens we can let Nature give us a helping hand and leave the job of feeding our plants, making good soil structure, and managing everyday pest problems, to the experts!

Growing food eco-logically, we cultivate a healthier relationship with our environment from the ground up!

Farmer growing food eco-logically

Farmers Grow Food Eco-logically

Cultivate grower-led innovation in your community by supporting farmers to repair the ecosystems within their orchards and fields.

Improving the capture of solar energy and cycling of water and other nutrients, farmers tackle the underlying cause of their production issues.

They realise savings on fertilisers, pest controls, and other inputs, discover opportunities to diversify their incomes, and enable their production systems to be more resilient and recover quicker from extreme weather and unusual pest and disease outbreaks.

What People say about our Master Classes

"Wendy shows how landholders small or large can adapt to a changing climate without breaking the bank by focusing on the fundamental ecological principles, helping people recognise the journey they want to undertake or clarify where they are at in this point in time.

She shows that to produce food we need to ensure the ecosystems supporting our production systems are functioning. A wonderful start to our 'RegenAG Mentoring Group' webinar journey."

Vicki Horstman

Fitzroy Basin Assoc Inc, Queensland Australia

"Wendy was key note speaker at our webinar 'Future Proofing Your Land'. Her excellent publication, “Eco-logical Farming Handbook” was the basis of her presentation. I was impressed with the time and effort Wendy put in to tailoring her presentation to cater for the needs of our audience. Over several meetings, Wendy fashioned a presentation that was well received."

"Wendy’s considerable knowledge of the subject and first hand experience really shone through."

Peter Stay

Geelong Landcare Network, Victoria Australia