Support with Program Design and Delivery

Are you tasked with developing programs to promote regenerative growing practices for farmers and food gardeners? With support from Learning from Nature, you'll help your community to benefit from the free ecological services provided by growing food with functioning ecosystems.

We provide three different service levels:

1. Do it Yourself

Supporting you to do-it-yourself with initial and periodic advice from us

2. Done with You

We do the work with you, helping every step of the way, however you need

3. Done for You

We do the work for you, with regular communications to keep us on track

In your initial scoping call with us, we will work out how we can help. This conversation lets us design a proposal for you with a quote delivered within an agreed timeline. We then have a more thorough briefing session to ensure nothing has been missed, before working with you to complete your project.

Other Support Available

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