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Learning from Nature supports farmers and food gardeners worldwide with the know-how to repair the ecosystems in their veggie gardens, orchards, and fields, creating resilient growing conditions and reducing our dependence on fertilisers, pest controls, and other inputs.

By valuing Nature for what we can learn and combining this wisdom with our ingenuity, we seize the opportunity to cultivate healthier relationships with our environment from the ground up.

Sustainable in what we do and how we do it!

Team at Learning from Nature

Meet Dr Wendy Seabrook, Founder and CEO

In a world where modern agriculture has pushed Nature aside, and contributed majorly to the environmental and climate crisis Wendy is on a mission to help transform growing food into a force for good.

As a research ecologist, farmer and gardener, Wendy has delved into the intricate dance between Nature's ecosystems and our food production systems. Her learning journey hasn't been confined to scientific papers; it's involved getting her hands dirty, supporting other farmers through Landcare and catchment management programs, and sharing the profound wisdom Nature has to offer.

“It's crazy how we champion innovation embedded in technologies, but mostly ignore the innovation embedded in the highly evolved and locally adapted ecosystems underpinning our home and commercial food production."

When not busy in the office, Wendy can be found out on the farm - Hill Top Farm – the Learning from Nature demonstration site and education facility in far northern Australia.

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Jo- Learning from Nature

Jo Wynter, Editor

Jo helps us create engaging information-packed digital and print resources.

“I enjoy helping translate the science and breaking down complex concepts, so our farmers, gardeners and environment benefit. Sometimes it only takes a word, a dash here or an exclamation mark there...”

Jo is a skilled communicator having worked in publishing, and community development internationally, in city, rural and remote areas. Jo loves gardening, when she is not busy volunteering for community organisations.

Lisa - Learning from Nature

Lisa Giovine, Executive Assistant

Lisa provides high-level administrative support for Learning from Nature; masterfully managing the 'back-end' complexity of our online business. She joined Learning from Nature in early 2018, bringing with her skills in content management from studies in journalism, and working for Associated Newspapers in London.

She is passionate about supporting food growers, and lives on a small acreage property with her partner, horse and dogs. Outside of her working life, you will find Lisa, sampling Queensland life for her Instagram blog, and riding her horse on forest trails.


"One of the exciting things about living in a time of change is the number of wonderful, innovative ideas being generated. Dr Wendy Seabrook is an excellent change agent and innovator. She is a highly skilled facilitator, assisting farmers and gardeners to change their thinking and action; helping then achieve positive change for their land and communities.”

Pam McAllister - McAllister Leadership

"The land at Hill Top Farm feels like it is saying thank you. It feels cared for, it's responding and clearly producing. Over the many years I have being doing this job, I have visited lots of properties, and it is very rarely that I get the feeling that the land wants to work with you and give something back"

Barbara Waterhouse, Senior Botanist - Australian Government

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