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While most soils don't show the customary signs of soil degradation, we struggle to grow strong, pest and disease-resistant plants and nutrient-dense food. And we have trouble growing anything when the weather turns bad! It's difficult to appreciate what we can achieve, as virtually all of us grow food in soil that no longer functions properly. Our soil ecosystems have been in poor working order for so long that we've largely forgotten about the FREE services functioning soil ecosystems naturally provide.

Using this Handbook you'll build healthy soil in your garden by developing effective ways to design your vegetable garden to give your soil organisms a better diet. They can then get on with the job for which they have had millions of years of training - maintaining functioning soil ecosystems! Your soil organisms will -

Maintain your soil infrastructure
Break down leaves and other organic waste materials and the mineral particles in the soil
Recycle the nutrients they contain and making them available for your plants to reuse

The solution is straightforward because it's eco-logical!

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The Author

Dr Wendy Seabrook is one of the world's leading experts on eco-logical approaches to growing food. Wendy translates the science into an easily digestible format and demonstrates that while ecosystems are complex, repairing them isn’t complicated.

Whether developing in a backyard in Wales, a community garden in California, or a smallholding in India, by applying the information in the Handbook, you'll develop practical solutions for your climate and soil.

Use the diagrams and links to videos to help you build heathy soil in your garden!

Check out the Price

Get 20% discount on the Ecological Farming or Gardening Handbooks eBooks