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Dr Wendy Seabrook is one of the world's leading experts on eco-logical approaches to growing food. Wendy translates the science into an easily digestible format and demonstrates that while ecosystems are complex, repairing them isn’t complicated.

Whether developing in a smallholding in Spain, a market garden in England or a large enterprise in the American midwest, applying the well-designed and thought-through principles in the Handbook, you can focus on what's essential and develop practical solutions for your climate and other growing conditions.
Use the diagrams and links to videos to help you on this eco-logical journey!

Farmers Build Heathy Soil Handbook

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Our soils may not show the customary signs of soil degradation – erosion, compaction and salinity. But most soils lack functioning nutrient recycling systems, soil structures promoting root growth, and sufficient microbes and organic matter to release nutrients locked in the mineral particles in our soil.

It's difficult to appreciate what we can achieve as virtually all of us grow food in soil that no longer functions properly. Our soil ecosystems have been in poor working order for so long that we've largely forgotten about the FREE ecological services our soil organisms can naturally provide. 

Using this Handbook on building healthy soil for farmers you'll develop simple ways to manage your production areas to adequately resource your soil organisms to do the job for which they have had millions of years of training! The microbes and invertebrates in your soil will –

Maintain your soil infrastructure
Break down leaves and other organic waste materials and the mineral particles in the soil
Recycle the nutrients they contain and make them available for your plants to reuse.

The solution is straightforward because it's eco-logical!

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