Ecological Gardening Handbook

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Growing food is a great idea, but what about all the work involved and frustrations when our leafy greens get chewed, our fruit gets riddled with holes, tomatoes wilt, and we have to apply fertilisers and pest controls to have any chance of harvesting a decent crop!

Sometimes it can seem less trouble to swing by the supermarket to have food in the fridge ready for when we come home tired and hungry...

There is, however, a remarkably straightforward solution that we tend to overlook - repairing the ecosystems within our food gardens. Repairing these ecological systems, we -

Build healthy soil - naturally recycling nutrients and supplying a balance of nutrients to our plants - reducing your reliance on fertilisers, compost and other inputs
Create natural pest resistance - reducing pest damage and your reliance on organic pest controls
Help solve the climate and environmental crisis - storing carbon in your soil and reducing your dependence external inputs, the equipment and machinery to apply them
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We urgently need world-changing solutions to improve our food supplies and help solve the climate and environmental emergency. Getting the ecosystems in our gardens functioning again is the solution.

By combining the expertise Nature has developed over billions of years with our ingenuity, we reduce our environmental footprint requiring fewer external inputs, increase biodiversity, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and create stronger ecological foundations supporting the recovery of endangered species with specialist habitat requirements.

Seize this opportunity to cultivate a healthier relationships with the environment from the ground up!

Superb Value

With the Eco-logical Gardening Handbook, you get much more than a ‘how-to’ of regenerative practices like growing cover crops and companion plants, applying compost and using no-dig. You get professional advice from over 12 years of research into this eco-logical approach to regenerative gardening, translated into an easily digestible format.

With the eco-logic explained, instructions supported by clear diagrams, a comprehensive toolkit of regenerative practices, and links to videos showing how other growers use this approach, you'll gain the know-how to fix the growing issues holding you back - above and below ground!

The Author

Dr Wendy Seabrook, is one of the world's leading experts on eco-logical approaches to gardening. She demonstrates that while ecosystems are complex, repairing them isn’t complicated when we design our gardens to provide Nature's experts, the microbes and invertebrates in our soil and the plants, insects, birds and other animals above ground with the resources to repair our ecosystems.

Whether growing in a backyard in Wales or a community garden in California, using this Handbook, you can concentrate on what's essential and develop effective solutions for your climate and other growing conditions.

Solidly grounded with the latest research, Wendy translates the science into an easily digestible format and reveals how gardeners around the world grow food eco-logically. Use the diagrams, links to videos, and toolkit to help you on this eco-logical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this Approach Work in my Climate?

Gardeners and farmers from the cold north of Scotland to Africa's hot, sultry tropics and arid landscapes use this ecological approach. While the techniques and species differ, the overall principles remain the same.

Will I harvest less food?

Gardeners harvest more food by giving their crops five-star catering directly from their soil ecosystem rather than the inputs they apply, suffer less from extreme weather and gain opportunities to grow more food with available space.

Reduce fertiliser costs

Reduce pests problems

Drought and water-proof your farm

Recover quicker extreme weather

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