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GrowMap Handbook

Get Support with Growing Food

It's frustrating when our vegetables get eaten by bugs, our fruit trees struggle when conditions get too wet, and we have to rely on fertilisers and pest controls to have any chance of getting a decent crop. With a GrowMap for your land you'll take the first step in growing food that looks after itself!

Using the GrowMap Handboo to understand your growing conditions is your roadmap to:

Growing robust and self-sufficient plants producing food for you rather than the bugs!
Create natural pest resistance - reducing pest damage and your reliance on organic pest controls
Producing more food in good times and getting fewer setbacks when the weather plays up
Reducing your reliance on fertilisers, pest controls, and other inputs

Many people worry about not having the skills and time to map the different environmental conditions (soil, shade, drainage, etc.) in their farms and gardens. But you don't need to dive in deep, get tied up in knots, or spend days recording stuff!

That's why we developed the GrowMap. Getting to know your growing conditions has never been so easy!

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Set aside one morning. Get your family and friends to help

Discovering new opportunities – areas protected from the wind, getting protection from the hot afternoon sun, or with better draining soil.

Ecological principles enabling our soil organisms to repair our soil ecosystems.

Get the information you need to retrofit or design your farm or garden for easy maintenance.

What people say about the GrowMap

"Wendy I have a confession to make! I didn’t do a GrowMap as you recommended. Instead, I rushed out and planted all my fruit trees. Some have done OK, but others are struggling. I planted the Jaboticaba, for example, at the top of the hill. Silly thing is – the mapping didn’t take long.

Now I’ve got a better idea of my growing conditions, I'm replacing some of the trees and planting them where they’ll do better. The Jaboticaba is much more comfortable in the wetter area!”

Eric Van Beurden, Lismore, NSW, Australia

"I never understood what people meant about mapping their growing conditions. But having used the GrowMap, it's now so logical to do one. The mapping didn't take long and helped me to see a whole lot more. I'll be using my energy to full potential instead of guessing."

Teresa Lieser
Lakeland, Far North Queensland, Australia

"While the GrowMap is such a simple assessment process, I have got so much useful information. Helping me weigh up the options and get better outcomes."

David Ainscough
Cooktown, Tropical North Queensland

Check out the price including delivery

Get 20% discount on the Ecological Farming or Gardening Handbooks eBooks