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Imagine the money you'll save. Mulching is hard, back-breaking work. We've got more eco-logical things to do with our time!

Living Mulch Handbook

Get Support with Growing Food

How much do you spend on mulch yearly to watch it quickly disappear and need replacing? You and your soil are better off growing living mulch.

With this Handbook, you'll craft a mixture of perennial and self-seeding ground cover plants to grow mulch permanently right where you need it - under fruit trees, shrubs, vine crops, and even with veggies.

Compared to mulch, living mulch provides the root tissues and root exudates required to increase organic matter in our soil, and a more consistent and generous food supply of organic materials for the soil organisms maintaining our soil ecosystem.

Learn how to produce a thick ground cover of living plants - removing weeds and bare ground
Learn how to craft a mixture of plants - supplying ecological services, food for chickens, beneficial insects, and your family.
Living mulch is less fire-prone - especially when you learn how to incorporate fire-retardant species
Create a mini-ecosystem - a diversity of plants providing habitat and food for insects and birds; mulch for beetles, earthworms and other detritivores.

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How this Handbook Helps You

The Handbook is 100% focused on helping you achieve practical outcomes - saving you the time and trouble of finding your own way.

The Handbook walks you through a series of straightforward, tried and tested steps to prepare your site to maximise plant establishment rates, quickly understand your unique growing conditions, and select species rapidly producing a dense ground cover. Choose between three models.

Basic Model

A quick and easy way to test drive living mulch before making a bigger commitment.

Standard Model

Learn how to select species which do well in your growing conditions. Be rewarded with less ongoing maintenance and the perks provided by the ‘ecological support plants.'

Premier Model

Like the Standard Model but get additional benefits from your living mulch. For example by providing a self-service restaurant for your chickens and geese!

How much do you spend on mulch?

With bales retailing at $30-35, many families spend over $200/year keeping gardens mulched. For market and community gardeners, the costs are substantially higher.

I used to spend over $1,000 and about four weeks every year mulching. Not now!

Living Mulch is better for your soil

Research shows that mulch and other above-ground sources of organic materials have a limited impact on soil organic matter levels. That's why mulch has the annoying habit of disappearing so quickly!

Growing living mulch, we supply the roots and root exudates needed to increase organic matter levels in our soil.

Living mulch creates a mini-ecosystem: a diversity of ground cover plants providing habitat and food for insects and birds; mulch for beetles, earthworms and other detritivores.

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