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Having worked with farmers for over 30 years and being a producer myself, I understand the challenges of making a decent income.  Like many growers, my profits disappeared with all the fertilisers, pest controls and other inputs I seemed to need. I was also tired of worrying every time the weather turned bad.

I thought there had to be an easier way ... and I found one - bringing Nature’s FREE ecological services back to our farms.

Farming becomes more profitable when we get our ecological operations ‘tuned up’ and running as well as our equipment and machinery! When we repair the key ecological functions in our production systems - nutrient and water cycles, solar energy capture and the functional biodiversity to use these resources efficiently.

And what’s more – we take carbon out of the atmosphere, have the joy of bringing Nature back to our farms, and build much-needed defenses against drought, flooding rain and extreme temperatures.

You might think this sounds too good to be true.

There is plenty of evidence from commercial farms demonstrating the benefits of this 'eco-logical' approach to regenerative agriculture.

The size of your property, climate and what you grow is not an issue. Farmers reduce production costs without sacrificing yield. In fact, they often experience:

  1. Higher plant nutrient availability in their soil
  2. More reliable yields with fewer impacts from pests and diseases
  3. Fewer crop  and livestock losses during tough times

And create opportunities to earn more, growing additional products within their existing production systems.

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How do we do it?

Using a new ecological approach to regenerative agriculture

Looking closely at the science behind successful practices used by leading farmers around the world, the message for growers is actually quite simple – repair the ecological functions in your production systems. Your nutrient and water cycle, solar energy capture, and functional biodiversity to use these resources efficiently.

We then benefit from the FREE ecological services Nature provides.

Organic matter, soil carbon and biodiversity are important intermediary measures, but we need to get our agro-ecosystems ‘tuned up’ and running for these to improve!

Most soils, for example, don’t show the customary indicators of soil degradation – salinity, erosion and compaction. But are still degraded because they lack functional nutrient recycling systems and soil structures promoting root growth and healthy soil ecosystems. Working with dysfunctional soils has become the norm.

When farmers get their soil ecosystems functioning again, soil tests show increased plant nutrient availability. Farmers use less or zero inputs of fertilisers. Production costs are reduced without sacrificing yields. In fact, quite the opposite. As soil scientists  Christine Jones and Elaine Ingham state, it is not that nutrients are lacking in our soil, what is lacking is the biology to make these nutrients available.

Having a reliable pathway to follow

Search for resources on regenerative farming and you mostly find a list of practices. Some may be new to you – Holistic Planned Grazing, cover crops, pasture cropping, agroforestry. Others, you will probably already be familiar with – no-till, crop rotation, composting, green manure and bio fertilisers. They are established farming methods.

This Handbook uses a different approach.

Rather than having to follow prescribed recipes or off-the-shelf solutions, you'll choose the best tools and techniques for your growing conditions and production systems by understanding the eco-logic of what you need to do.

The Handbook is easy to use, but don't be deceived by its simplicity.  A lot of expertise has gone into developing it. From researchers, traditional farming practices, contemporary farmer-led innovation, and on-farm practical experience.

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Wiro bound hardcover

ISBN 9780646987149

Frequently asked questions

Will this approach work in my climate?

Farmers from the cold north of Scotland to the hot, sultry tropics and arid landscapes of Africa use this ecological approach. The ecological principles are the same. Tools, techniques and species differ as growers adapt these practices to their climate.

Does the size of my property matter?

Size doesn't matter. Smallholders, market and community gardeners and farms with large-scale crop operations are improving their soils and reducing crop losses by repairing their ecological infrastructure.

Will it work with what I grow?

There are orchardists, dairy farmers, market gardeners, grain producers, grazers, and even hydroponic growers already getting amazing results. The ecological principles are the same. Farmers choose suitable practices for their production systems.

Will my yields drop?

Farmers often experience higher and more reliable yields. With less impacts from pests and diseases and fewer crop losses during tough times. They also create opportunities to sustainably intensify their production by stacking new enterprises within their existing production systems.

Superb value

You get much more than a repackaged list of farming practices which happen to have ecological benefits.

The Ecological Farming Handbook is the definitive benchmark for a whole new ecological approach. With this handbook you’ll benefit from over 10 years of research into:

  1. Ecological principles underpinning effective regenerative practices
  2. Translating the key ecological functions, and how best to repair them, into an easily digestible farmer-friendly format
  3. Collating and validating an inventory of practices and design templates

What does this mean for you?

The hard work is done!  You'll repair and then maintain the ecological operations in your production systems by confidently choosing practices that perform well for your growing conditions.  To help you do this, each chapter has a section explaining the eco-logic and an inventory of tools and design templates is provided.

Your production systems will be firing on all cylinders!

Extra Bonuses

  1. Links to videos showing what farmers achieve
  2. Inventory of tools and design templates
  3. 20% off our 'GrowMap' publication

Nature provides the technology

While sectors in agribusiness promote genetically modified crops to reduce pest and disease problems and precision agriculture to reduce soil compaction, farmers restoring their key ecological functions make the real technological advances in farming.

They use the expertise Nature has developed over 3 billion years to create agro-ecosystems that are easier to maintain and highly productive - using the energy and resources they have available. Which are resilient and bounce back from impacts of extreme weather events.

Everything we want for our farms.

Leave your tractor in the shed. Give the job of making good soil structure to the experts – your soil organisms.

Save money on commercial pest controls with a team of technologically advanced, highly motivated insect and bird pest controllers.

Give soil organisms the job of managing your fertiliser regime.

Sustainably intensify your production by growing more with extra solar panels.

Why I am passionate about getting this resource to farmers

I have worked with farmers for many years. But promoting sustainable practices was always hard. Growers were concerned about the extra costs and challenges involved.

I understood. Growing organically for over 30 years, my challenge was making a decent income. Like other farmers, my profits disappearing with all the inputs I seemed to need.

The remarkable thing - when we bring back Nature’s FREE ecological services to our farms - farming becomes more profitable.

And we supply crucial ecosystem services - biodiversity, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, plus reduced fertiliser and sediment runoff. Not because we are one of the few lucky farmers to receive a grant or incentive payment (although these are always useful)! We supply these services naturally as by-products from repairing ecological functions in our production systems.

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  • Reduce fertiliser costs – feeding your plants with a functioning nutrient recycling system

  • Boost production - growing more photosynthetic panels

  • Drought and water-proof your farm – with a functioning water cycle

  • Reduce labour and pest control costs - creating functional biodiversity and other beneficial connections

  • Create opportunities to sustainably intensify your production

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Wiro bound hardcover

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