Ecological Farming Handbook

Reduce costs - Boost production

Discover the easier way to grow by restoring Nature’s FREE ecological services.

I’m excited to share this Handbook with you.

I've been growing organic food for over 20 years, as a gardener and commercial producer, and have supported many other food growers.

Like nearly every other grower I talk to,  I struggled to make a profit  with all the costly inputs I seemed to need - fertilisers, pest controls, equipment, and machinery...

And was tired of spreading mulch!

There had to be an easier way.

And I was intrigued by the benefits some innovative farmers were getting using an ecological approach. They were reducing costs and boosting their production by bringing Nature’s FREE ecological services back to their farms.

As an Ecologist, it seemed the logical way to grow.

In this handbook you'll learn to use this ecological approach and skillfully choose tools and techniques that will work well for your growing conditions.

Climate isn’t an obstacle - or your farming systems. There are orchardists, dairy farmers, market gardeners, grain producers, and graziers from the tropics to the cold north getting amazing results using this ecological approach.

Using this Handbook, you’ll have an inexpensive and more reliable way to grow ... take carbon out of the atmosphere, and have the joy of bringing Nature back to your farm again.

Ready to try this easier way to grow?