Search online for ways to drought-proof grazing land and you’ll find solutions like holistic grazing, Keyline Design, and Natural Sequence Farming.  

They help, but there’s another solution that usually gets overlooked – trees!

Trees improve pasture productivity in dry conditions.

See how in this video.

Trees are a crucial tool to include in the drought-proofing toolkit for your farm. And your garden if you have room for them.

Even if you farm in temperate climates (where sunlight levels are lower), carefully planned, trees can help drought-proof grazing land.

Trees provide shade and windbreaks, reducing water loss from the soil due to evaporation. But more importantly, they improve the ability of soil to absorb and store rainwater (we explain how in the Ecological Farming Handbook).

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BUT, if you are asking yourself – “what’s the best thing I can do to drought-proof my property?” – you’ll get the answers in the Drought-proofing guide.

You’ll discover how to make the most of the rain and irrigation water you have available. Extending your growing seasons by keeping your soil moist well into dry times, and saving money on feed for livestock when growing gets tough.