Imagine having easy access to up-to-date, scientifically-based videos on regenerating soil.

That’s what we provide on our YouTube Channel. We produce videos and collate other useful videos on regenerating soil so you don’t need to spend hours digging around!

Soils are complex and there is a maze of information – soil testing, cation exchange capacities, calcium-magnesium ratios, manipulating rhizosphere microbiomes, etc., – trapping us into thinking we need a degree in soil science or to employ someone who does to find a way to regenerate our soil!

There is another option.

By switching our focus to “how can we learn from and work with Nature,” we tap into 400 million years of R & D into effective ways to get soil ecosystems functioning again. Research carried out in every soil on the planet!

As you’ll see in the videos, we find effective ways to regenerate our soil by mimicking the practices used in natural systems, and benefit from:

  1. Functioning nutrient recycling systems supplying nutrients to our plants as required
  2. Soil structures promoting root growth and biodiverse communities of soil organisms
  3. Sequestrating carbon in our soil

See Videos on Regenerating Soil – Click Here 

Find out about –

If you’d rather quickly learn all you need to know about the science and how to apply it to your land get this publication – Feed your Plants without Fertilisers. Links to videos are included showing how other farmers and gardeners benefit.

Front cover Feed plants without Fertilisers

Featured image – 2017 Soil Health Field Day – Ray Archuleta. Ohio NoTill Council
Published on Apr 5, 2017

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