If it was easy and affordable to restore our soils wouldn’t everybody be doing it?

Most of us struggle to even cover the costs of ‘sustaining’ the current condition of our soil. We’d all love to have the financial resources and time to go ‘all out’ – adding the tons of mulch, minerals, compost, and bio-fertilisers required to get our soils functioning again.

That’s why I wanted to let you know about the videos we have selected and uploaded to the Learning from Nature YouTube channel playlist – Making our soils healthy again.

You’ll discover heaps of useful information.

They’re easy to watch and the content is more up-to-date than most books.

Some videos are quite short. Others you’ll need to take some time out to watch – but I guarantee it will be time well spent! Grab some lunch. You’ll learn heaps more useful info than listening to the midday news report!

The latest information on the value of organic matter, root exudates, mychorizzal fungi and other soil stuff from leading soil scientists – Christine Jones, Elaine Ingham, and Jill Clapperton.

Plus you’ll see how farmers and gardeners are applying this ecological approach.

Elaine Ingham is great value. I remember going to a talk by Elaine when I was still farming organically in northern New South Wales. I learnt more useful things about soils in that one hour than I had in all my Uni and Tech college courses (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration)!

Ray Archuleta shows some simple tests you can use to look at your soil. See also how we use the water infiltration tests at Hill Top Farm –  Best way to drought-proof your soil.

If you’re not entirely convinced about the role of soil organisms in creating good soil structure, check out the flight through the 1mm soil particle. It’s amazing!

The videos are all on the Learning from Nature YouTube channel – Making our soils healthy – Playlist

Click here to watch all the Learning from Nature videos

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Featured image – 2017 Soil Health Field Day – Ray Archuleta. Ohio NoTill Council
Published on Apr 5, 2017