Soils are complex. We can get caught up in a maze of information – pH, cation exchange capacities, calcium-magnesium ratios, manipulating rhizospheres, microbiomes, and so on… And get trapped into thinking that we need a degree in soil science to know what to do. That’s why we’ve collated videos on regenerating soil using eco-logical approaches and on the Learning from Nature YouTube Channel.

Using eco-logical approaches we learn from Nature, accessing billions of years of research carried out in every soil type on the planet – including our own!

Don’t spend hours digging around… watch the videos here 

As you’ll see, applying eco-logical principles, we get the benefits of functioning soil ecosystems:

  1. Recycling nutrients
  2. Supplying nutrients to our plants as required, and
  3. Soil structures promoting root growth and biodiverse communities of soil organisms.

There are many different ways to get your soil ecosystem functioning again.

Property size isn’t an issue. You can apply the eco-logical principles in your backyard, market garden or farm. Whether you’re growing veggies, fruit trees, cattle, or alpacas! The trick is to use approaches that work well for your circumstances. By this, I mean choosing suitable regenerative practices for your climate, soil, other growing conditions, and what you grow.

In these videos, you’ll find the –

  1. Latest research from leading soil scientists, particularly here and here
  2. Simple tests you can use to look at the health of your soil ecosystem and water infiltration rates
  3. Role of soil organisms in building soil structure (check out the flight through the 1mm soil particle)

Additional Support

See these articles –

  1. What is Healthy Soil?
  2. How to Build Healthy Soil – Eco-logically

  3. What is Regenerative Farming and Gardening

Or alternatively, develop practical solutions for your farm with this resource. And for your garden with this resource.

Featured image – 2017 Soil Health Field Day – Ray Archuleta. Ohio NoTill Council
Published on Apr 5, 2017


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