What’s the best thing to drought-proof your garden or farm?

Mulch? Drought-tolerant plants? Irrigation? Landscaping?

They all help.

BUT the most effective thing to do? Increase the amount of water infiltrating and stored in your soil.

You’ll get more of the rain measured in your rain gauge in your soil rather than running off.  Have moist soil well into dry times. Reduce your irrigation costs, water bill, and extend your growing season.

With this low-cost ecological solution, you’ll drought-proof your whole property. AND extra benefits are guaranteed.

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“Sustainable intensification requires smarter, precision technologies for irrigation, and farming practices that use ecosystem approaches to conserve water” Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations[1].

In the video, you’ll also see how to use a simple tool to measure water infiltration rates in your soil.

[1] A policymaker’s guide to the sustainable intensification of smallholder crop production (FAO, 2011)