Let’s stop relying on weather-modification technologies like Cloud-Seeding, Rain-Rockets and Atmosphere Zappers to increase rainfall. Let’s use instead safe, eco-logical technologies. Scientists have evidence supporting the widespread perception that trees make rain, that by growing more vegetation, we increase rainfall.

Image showing How to increase rainfall - Learning from Nature

All great in principle. But at a time when forests are being cleared at a faster rate than at any time in history, how can we possibly reverse this? How can we get more trees and other plant biomass growing in our landscapes?

3 Simple Actions to Take!

1. Tell everyone about the science supporting the widespread perception that trees and other vegetation increase rainfall.   Share this link.

2. Promote the economic benefits of growing trees and other extra plant biomass to farmers, land managers in local government and other regional organisations:

    • Drought-Proofing – reduced irrigation, water, and stock feed costs as the amount of water infiltrating and stored in soil improve
    • Better Yields – farmers increase their income streams by growing income-producing trees and reducing downtimes during drought
    • Reduced fertiliser costs – as soil health improves so does the ability of soil ecosystems to naturally supply nutrients to crops

3. Let farmers and gardeners know about these resources showing how to make the most of the rain we do get using cost-effective eco-logical solutions.

Front cover drought-proof your gardenFront cover - How to Drought-Proof Your Farm


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