Photo of flower showing the benefits when you drought-proof your garden

How to Drought-Proof your Garden

Water is essential for our gardens to thrive and provide healthy food for our families. Standard solutions - spreading mulch, growing drought-tolerant plants, using irrigation and greywater, will help drought-proof
Image of healthy soil

What is Healthy Soil?

Healthy soil is a commonly used term, but what do we actually mean? Generally, we see healthy soil as soil growing strong, pest and disease resistant plants and nutrient-dense food,
Cover image for What is regenerative farming and gardening

What is Regenerative Farming and Gardening?

Using regenerative approaches to farming and gardening, growers recognise that their land can give them more support with growing food, and use practices to improve their growing conditions. Improving biodiversity, organic
Image showing how to get more rain

How can we increase Rainfall – Eco-logically

Let's stop relying on weather-modification technologies like Cloud-Seeding, Rain-Rockets and Atmosphere Zappers to increase rainfall. Let's use instead safe, eco-logical technologies. Scientists have evidence supporting the widespread perception that trees