Have you ever wished you could grow trees as well as vegetables? Here’s one solution – Alley Cropping.

In this video Adam Collins explains how he uses Alley Cropping, an Agroforestry technique to integrate trees with his commercial potato and garlic crops.

Do you grow other vegetables? Are you a gardener? Don’t worry the principles are the same!

By designing our alleys (width, spacings and tree canopy height and density) to suite our sunlight levels we grow more with improved soil and growing conditions.

Alley’s can be closer spaced in lower latitudes.

North – south orientation is the norm for higher latitudes, but other orientations work, depending on your priorities. For example, using alleys as wind breaks or planting alleys across your slope.

One size definitely doesn’t fit all!

To benefit from using alley cropping or any other design, adapt what you do and the species you use to meet your goals and growing conditions …