Is no-dig growing better for our soils?

It is certainly less work and cheaper if you’re growing large scale. But are our soils actually better off with when we don’t cultivate?

This video tells all.

It’s an amazing snap-shot comparing soil in an ancient woodland with an adjacent arable field. Showing that no-dig is absolutely the way to grow. We’re better off leaving our spades and tractors in the shed and giving the job of creating good soil structure to the experts – our soil structural engineers. The soil organisms.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

I’ve included some resources on no-dig growing below the video.

Help for Commercial Growers

In case you’re wondering how we can grow cereals and other arable crops without mechanical cultivation, here are some ‘high tech’ no-till alternatives:

  1. Organic no-till – see Gabe Brown and his family in North Dakota for a success story – Gabe says they still need to periodically spray herbicides but they are working towards zero chemicals
  2. Pasture Cropping developed by Colin Seis in New South Wales, Australia

Help for gardeners

  1. Getting rid of grass and weeds the easy way
  2. No dig with Charles Dowding

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