What would you say to someone who told you – “you don’t need to use fertilisers”?

“Don’t be ridiculous”?

“Are you out of your mind”? “I’d like to see you do it!”

I would have said the same thing a few years back!

That’s why I wanted to share this short video with you.

In contradiction to everything we have learned about farming and gardening, there are food growers getting great results without needing fertilizers.

It’s not hokeypokey.

Gabe Brown and Colin Seis’s soil tests show increasing availability of nutrients for plants rather than the declines we would expect. Gabe Brown’s yields are also higher than neighbouring growers.

The video is worth watching.

It will revolutionize how you look after your soil, and the information is relevant whether you are a gardener, horticulturist or another type of farmer.

Gabe Brown and Coin Seis are broadacre croppers who were forced to try new techniques by soil that had nothing left to give..

Gabe Brown was filmed at the 2017 Dave Brandt Field Day by the Ohio NoTill Council.

I have edited the video to condense it to 15 minutes.

If you prefer you can watch the complete video here.

How can you use the principles Gabe uses to improve your soil? 

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Featured image – Gabe Brown