Photo of flower showing the benefits when you drought-proof your garden

How to Drought-Proof your Garden

Water is essential for our gardens to thrive and provide healthy food for our families. Standard solutions - spreading mulch, growing drought-tolerant plants, using irrigation and greywater, will help drought-proof
Image showing how to get more rain

How to increase Rainfall – Eco-logically

Wouldn't we be better off using safe methods to increase rainfall instead of cloud-seeding, rain rockets, atmosphere zappers and other weather modification technologies? Scientists have evidence supporting the widespread perception
Drought-proofed farms and gardens

How to Drought-Proof your Farm

We’re getting harder hit by drought. Standard solutions no longer seem enough. Earthworks like swales, contour banks, Natural Sequence Farming, and Keyline Design can help drought-proof farms. But we tend

How to Drought-Proof your Grazing Land

We are experiencing the worst droughts in our living memory. Usually, our response is to dig more dams, bores and water points, switch to rotational grazing practices and planned de-stocking.